What is the Special Education Academy?

Are you looking for innovative ways to provide Intervention Instruction?  The goal of the lead4ward Special Education Academy is to provide a learning and support system for educators with face-to-face professional development and virtual support throughout two consecutive school years. Participants will synthesize, adapt, and transfer current and new learning to provide effective instruction, intervention, practice, and assessment. Following a learn, practice and reflect model, academy members will leave with the confidence and competence to set in motion relevant change to promote students as lifelong learners.

Academy Emphasis:

  • Big idea/shift – teaching in tandem
  • Making it work — pacing and timing
  • Reading and writing process
  • Problem-Solving process
  • Effective independent reading, writing, and math practice
  • Instructional variety
  • Student-led learning
  • Progress Monitoring Rubric

Academy Year-Long Support

  • 4 Face-to-Face sessions
  • Membership in the Special Education ePLC Webinar Series
  • 4 Web-based support meetings
  • 3 Leadership updates

Number of Participants

  • Up to 25 participants


  • Study, learn, plan, and enhance the teaching and learning of reading and writing, and math
  • Understand the reading/writing process through Know to Show concepts
  • Establish literacy routines to support effective instruction and assessment
  • Establish math routines to support effective initiation and problem solving
  • Integrate reading and writing connection into daily practices and learning
  • Simplify the planning process by chunking and scaffolding instruction

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Jayme Alexander

Jayme’s vocation has been serving special populations as a teacher and consultant for over 15 years. She has had the pleasure of learning from students with both high- and low-incidence disabilities in settings ranging from resource classrooms and inclusion to consultation and outreach. Read more–>


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