What is the Social Studies eplc?

The Social Studies ePLC (online Professional Learning Community) gives 8th Grade Social Studies and US History teachers access to webinars, resources, and other teachers across the state to help them understand big-picture concepts within each major topic of study. Front-loading their planning time with lead4ward’s ePLC allows teachers to spend constructive time within their PLC designing engaging experiences and planning targeted lessons that develop students’ historical-thinking skills.

Overview of the Social Studies eplc

Teachers often struggle to translate the volume of TEKS standards and Social Studies content into manageable chunks of instruction, often feeling the pain of the “forest or the trees” dilemma. While we must pay attention to the historical details in the TEKS (the “trees”), we must also help students see the big ideas and make connections (the “forest”) or they will struggle with issues of recall and relevance.

The SS ePLC includes two webinars for each major topic of study, addressing the content/process standards as well as the questions students often miss from the released STAAR tests.

As a bonus, participating teachers receive access to the digital Field Guide for the course of their subscription.

Content and Process Webinars

  • Content broken down into the small components (subclusters) and a concept map to show content connections
  • Process-based instructional ideas for each subcluster, including stimuli and analysis opportunities (from 29B)

Investigating the Questions Webinars

  • Focus on the interesting items from the released STAAR tests (using lead4ward IQ documents)
  • Discussion of stimuli, data distribution, and learning errors and their impact on instruction

Two Webinars for EACH Major Topic of Study (TEKS Cluster)

8th Grade Webinar Topics

  • Exploration and Colonization
  • American Revolution
  • Constitution
  • Early Republic
  • Age of Jackson
  • Westward Expansion
  • Industrialization
  • Reform and Culture
  • Sectionalism and the Civil War
  • Reconstruction

HS USH Webinar Topics

  • Gilded Age
  • Progressive Era
  • Rise of a World Power
  • Roaring Twenties
  • Great Depression
  • World War II
  • Early Cold War
  • Vietnam and the 1960s
  • Civil Rights
  • 1970s – end of the Cold War
  • 1990s – 21st Century

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Social Studies Consultant

Jodi Denton

Social Studies enthusiast Jodi Denton, M.Ed., serves as one of lead4ward’s content specialists. Jodi works with teachers and instructional support teams to meet the increasingly complex requirements for student success. She recognizes the challenges and sense of urgency regarding Social Studies and uses her diverse knowledge, high energy, and fresh approach to support teachers in developing and implementing innovative instructional and assessment practices. Read more–>

For content questions, email jodi@lead4ward.com
For technical questions, email info@lead4ward.com

Pricing Details for 2018-19
(pre-recorded webinars, available starting in August)

Registration is by campus

  • $600 per campus for 1-2 teachers
  • $850 per campus for 3-5 teachers
  • $1050 per campus for 6-8 teachers
  • $1250 per campus for 9-11 teachers
  • $5000 district-level membership

(8th Grade and US History are separate registrations)

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