I love to dance. I love the energy, the connection with those I am dancing with, the movement that always seems to rival a good workout, and hearing music I love. I love to dance, but I am not known for my style or my moves. I step on toes, flail a bit at times, and am rarely in beat with the music. But perfection isn’t important to me – having a good time with those I love is.

All of us have been at those dances (often wedding receptions) where we prayed someone – anyone – some bold folks would just get out there and start dancing. When someone starts, others join in. I love the concept of dance like nobody’s watching – be free, express yourself; but when you are the first one out there, you have to be bold enough to dance like everyone’s watching. Or perhaps everyone is waiting.

Bold people risk the groove. They invite others to dance along with them. They just get out there; they smile and laugh. Bold people try out new moves that make us smile and challenge us to join in the dance.

think! 2019 is a time for all of us to learn some new moves from presenters who got out on the floor first, dance with some bold ideas like nobody’s watching, and get our groove on with some awesome new friends.