I have no sense of direction, like none. It is an inherited trait from my mom that my sisters and I share. Thankfully, we all have spouses who can get us from here to there and back again. But, when I am alone, I am completely dependent on Google Maps. We are good friends, she and I. I follow every direction, turn the volume up, and pay attention to every detail. But there is that one moment of anxiety when I am just starting out. The first direction goes something like this, “Head North on East Harbor Road toward Crestwood Court.” Seriously, I have no clue where East Harbor Road is nor Crestwood Court, and I am clueless about which way is North. I freeze in a temporary moment of panic.

What I have learned is that in order for Google Maps to help me, I have to actually start moving – I have to do something, anything. I have to pick a direction and just go. And when I do, it catches up to me. Generally speaking, I have a 50% chance of getting it right the first time; but if I don’t, I get rerouted quickly.

Isn’t this what it’s like in education? Sometimes, we just have to start moving – do something/anything, and then let others around us help us get where we want to go. Otherwise, we are stopped in the parking lot forever, going nowhere fast. Sometimes a bold move is the first move!