I love teaching writing more than anything on earth. I love to write. But, I hate revising and editing my own work. I misuse ellipses… (like that). I am famous for incomplete sentences. Like this one. I want writing to have voice and for my writing to have my voice. Can you hear me now? I know that how I vary my sentences and punctuate my thoughts is a way to help create voice. So, it got me thinking about our work as educators. We punctuate learning every day, and each of us does it in our own unique way.

So, play along with me here. If you were to describe yourself as a punctuation mark, which would it be?

Are you a…
? because you wonder; you ask the hard questions and get others to do the same
! because you energize people; you are excited about the content and the kids
… because you know there is more to the story and you inspire curiosity
, because you know it is important to slow down and savor learning before rushing on
“ ” because you know the story matters – theirs and yours
; because you can put together two ideas in a way that people understand

‽ Can you believe that my favorite punctuation mark is a nontraditional one‽

I just love the interrobang (‽) – part question mark, part exclamation point, totally cool. It reminds me that, as educators, we inspire the questions and leave with the WOW! Many times, we are so fixated on the answers that we forget the questions. Or perhaps, the right answer gets in the way of the better answer.

Dream, the 2017 think! conference, is all about the question and the wow – a totally interrobang experience. Together we will wrestle with the questions, get inspired by the folks doing the work, and wind our way to the wow. Won’t you join us‽

What: 2017 think! conference – dream
Why: You like learning with other risk-taking educators
When: November 30 and December 1
Where: Cedar Creek (between Austin and Bastrop) at the super-cool Lost Pines Resort
Who: Hundreds of awesome educators
How: Register at http://lead4ward.com/think/