What is the Special Education Academy?

Do you have district goals around IEP content and development but need direction on how to improve the quality of your IEPs? Are you looking for innovative and effective ways to document, plan, and deliver specially designed instruction to improve student outcomes and district performance on Special Education indicators?  


The lead4ward Special Education Academy provides a year-long learning and support system for special educators and special education leaders. Participants will work with a cohort of special educators to unpack common challenges and develop new skills specific to effective special educator practice. The Academy provides a connected, student-driven, and manageable framework for IEP development. Participants will build a foundation in understanding the structure and design of the TEKS, explore a collaborative process for PLAAFP development, and practice a goal development process that creates a long-term plan for success in a rigorous curriculum. Following a learn, practice, and reflect model, academy members will gain the confidence and competence to set in motion meaningful change to meet district goals and improve outcomes for the students they serve.

Academy Outcomes

  • Streamlined IEP development processes
  • Common resources and language to promote collaboration with classroom and campus colleagues
  • Intentional progress monitoring processes
  • Ability to prioritize instructional supports and intervention around high-impact standards and concepts
  • Implementation of goals for long-term growth in content area instruction

Year-Long Support

  • 4 full days of professional learning 
  • Tools and resources designed specifically for special educators 
  • Access to video library 
  • Implementation planning and support for special education leadership teams 

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Kathy Clapsaddle

Kathy Clapsaddle has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant and special educator. She feels strongly that purposeful and engaging instruction – for both educators and students – is the key to meaningful growth for all students. 
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