What is the Special Education Academy?

Are you looking for innovative ways to provide specially designed instruction for students being served by special education programs?  The goal of the lead4ward Special Education Academy is to provide a tailored, year-long learning and support system for educators. The academy can be designed to include a range of professional learning options, including face-to-face professional development, Special Education ePLC membership, coaching, and virtual support. Participants will synthesize, adapt, and transfer current and new learning to provide effective instruction, intervention, practice, and assessment. Following a learn, practice and reflect model, academy members and leaders will leave with the confidence and competence to set in motion relevant change to promote students as lifelong learners.

Flexible Academy Emphasis

The Special Education Academy is flexible to support specific district needs, such as:

  • Big idea/shift – co-teaching
  • Reading and writing process
  • Problem-solving process
  • Effective independent reading, writing, and math practice
  • Instructional variety
  • Student-led learning
  • Progress monitoring
  • Rigorous, ambitious goal development

Academy Year-Long Support

  • Customized year-long support plan
  • Includes live virtual sessions
  • Web-based support meetings
  • Leadership updates

Meaningful Outcomes

Structured, sustained professional learning results in changes to knowledge and practices. Possible outcomes include:

  • Study, learn, plan, and enhance the teaching and learning of reading, writing, and math
  • Understand the reading/writing process through Know to Show concepts
  • Establish literacy routines to support effective instruction and assessment
  • Establish math routines to support effective initiation and problem solving
  • Integrate reading and writing connection into daily practices and learning
  • Simplify the planning process by chunking and scaffolding instruction

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Kathy Clapsaddle

Kathy Clapsaddle has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant and special educator. She feels strongly that purposeful and engaging instruction – for both educators and students – is the key to meaningful growth for all students. 
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