lead4ward ePLCs
connecting with kids – creating community

ePLCs are designed to support the work of campus PLCs. All ePLCs provide opportunities for skill building, content acquisition, and application. Organized around units of instruction, learning strategies, or paced development, the prerecorded videos can be used in a variety of ways:

  • facilitated by district leaders to ensure all teachers have a common framework
  • facilitated by PLC/teacher leaders to pace and guide planning
  • used by PLCs to target areas of need highlighted by local data
  • accessed independently by individual teachers to build depth of knowledge
  • Optional: customized consultation










Optional Customized Add-on: Consultation bundles are designed to allow each PLC the ability to add virtual lead4ward support to their toolkit of professional learning. Targeted consultation bundles include 6-hour options designed to be paced over time.