What is the Heart of Teaching Induction?

lead4ward is excited to offer the Ginger Tucker Heart of Teaching Induction program! Beginning teachers are our most valuable and precious resources! Helping these teachers to flourish and grow can be some of the most important work we do as educators. Creating an effective induction program will surround new teachers with the support they need to be successful.

Induction programs can also contribute to:

  • higher teacher retention
  • lower attrition
  • increased teacher effectiveness
  • happier teachers


Induction Training-of-Trainers
audience: aspiring district induction trainers

Building and sustaining an effective induction program is the heart of this three-day professional learning event. Explore the necessary components of an effective induction program and learn how to build, support, and sustain one in your district. These three days are designed around a training-of-trainer (TOT) model and will prepare you to lead induction training in your own district.

The three days of Induction TOT include:

  • Day 1 – Induction Overview, Research & Rationale, and Training Foundations
  • Day 2 – First-Year Teacher Training-of-Trainers
  • Day 3 – Mentoring & Coaching Training-of-Trainers

NEW Mentoring ePLC

The Mentoring ePLC explores the tools and skills needed to effectively coach and mentor new teachers. Learn more–>


Mentor Training
audience: aspiring district mentors

Mentoring is key to new teachers’ success! This two-day event will explore the tools and skills needed to effectively coach and mentor new teachers. Administrators, teachers, instructional coaches, PLC leaders, and others with a heart for teaching will leave the training ready to mentor new teachers in their district and on their campus.

The two days of Mentor Training include:

  • Day 1 – Induction Overview and Research & Rationale
  • Day 2 – Mentoring & Coaching


First-Year Teacher Academy

Interested in bringing a lead4ward First-Year Teacher Academy to your district? Complete the PD form found here–>


Debbie Boyer

Debbie Boyer is wholeheartedly passionate about people, learning, innovation, and life. She is an encourager, supporter, and champion of educators who loves helping teachers grow and flourish. Debbie believes mentoring first-year teachers and helping them be successful is one of the most important roles we have as educators. She is excited to help districts and educational service centers implement lead4ward’s Heart of Teaching Induction Series.


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