What is the Literacy ePLC?
lead4ward is passionate about empowering educators to cultivate strong writers through the power of reading. That’s why our Literacy ePLC puts a spotlight on the critical connection between reading and writing skills. With a year-long blended learning support system, educators can take a focused and purposeful approach to literacy instruction that yields real results. But it’s not just about illuminating the writing process – we’re all about equipping educators with practical strategies to help students develop their skills as readers and writers. After all, literacy is the cornerstone of success in all areas of life.


Through our Literacy ePLC, we help educators navigate the complexities of literacy instruction with confidence. By deepening students’ understanding of texts, developing their writing skills, and honing their unique voices and craft, we empower them to reach their full potential. So, let’s work together to unlock the power of literacy and help students succeed in every aspect of their lives. With the right tools and strategies, anything is possible!

The support will include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • self-paced learning videos
  • quarterly Fireside Chats via Zoom
  • instruction and assessment resources
  • virtual, telephone, and email support




Reading Language Arts Consultants


Celina Meraz

Celina Meraz, Ph.D., has a passion for bilingual education and specializes in implementing research-based strategies that provide extensive language experience for all bilingual students, starting from the earliest stages of second language development.
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Lakisha Ball

Lakisha Ball, Ed.S., is an experienced educational consultant who works with local education agencies and service centers in the areas of curriculum development, instruction, and reading language arts.
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3-EOC reading language arts teachers and leaders

Learning Videos

  • NEW bright ideas: reading and writing with HQIMs (posted August 1, 2024)
  • overview video
  • spotlight on the literacy framework
  • shedding light on writing fundamentals
  • lighting the pathway through the writing process (part 1)
  • lighting the pathway through the writing process (part 2)
  • when the light bulb goes off: motivating writers
  • let’s get LITerary: writing style and voice
  • the write stuff for constructed response (part 1)
  • the write stuff for constructed response (part 2)
  • bright spots: critical feedback for growth


  • $650 per campus
  • $6,550 district-level membership
    (note: districts with less than 10 campuses can register with per campus price based on specific district size)
  • Membership year: June 1-May 31