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november 30 – december 1, 2022


registration has closed for the main think event. the preconference sessions still have spots! reach out to for any questions or to register for one of the pre-conferences.


The 2022 think! conference is all about the power of believing … believing that there is important work in playing with new ideas, cultivating curiosity, and taking risks to make good things happen. This year’s think! conference creates space for educators to wonder, to laugh, to learn, to play, and, ultimately, to believe in how we can make school more successful for more kids.


believe in play
Together, we’ll explore what our classrooms could be like if we were less fixated on answer-giving and more committed to learning through play, pondering the why, and exploring the what ifs. When we create opportunities for kids to play with their ideas, solve puzzles, debate, and struggle productively and then “get it,” we rekindle one of the most fundamental elements of learning – curiosity.


believe in curiosity
Cultivating curiosity is so important for kids (and adults)! Curious minds are active, observant of new ideas, and are rarely satisfied with the answer. Curiosity paves the way for engagement. And when we are engaged, we learn. We look beyond the first answer and wonder if there is another way. Curiosity means we keep open minds, ask more questions, make more connections, and take more risks.


believe in risk-taking
Risk-taking is about trying something new. We don’t fall in love with our first ideas nor feel defeated by our first attempts. Risk takers believe we will figure it out. Kids deserve educators who will take risks – after all, learning is risky business for them too!


Think about the people who inspired you to believe in yourself. Were they compelling, playful, creative, or willing to take risks? Now think about what schools would be like if every kid had a person who did that for them. This year’s think! conference will support your belief in your ability to change the world, inspire others to tag along, and give you practical ways to make a difference in the lives of your students. Come join us!


believe in kids. believe in teachers. believe in leaders. believe in yourself.


Take a look at session titles and topics for think! 2022:

  • Think It, Say It, Learn It: Believe in the Power of Student Discourse
  • Believe it When you See it – Feedback Walks and Data Digs that Optimize Success for All
  • Fun Science Experiment….. Now What?
  • Writing About Reading and the Importance of Critical Thinking
  • Believing in and Building Leadership at All Levels
  • Igniting A Culture of Risk-Takers
  • Buckle Up! Students in the driver seat, wide open roads, and an easy map to get started
  • Believe in the Power of Planning – Using District-wide systematic Macro-planning to set students up for success
  • Believe in the Power of the Playlist: STAAR 2.0 Instructional Connections
  • Believe it, Achieve it: Providing new teachers with the tools they need to succeed
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conference schedule

day 1 – wednesday, nov. 30 day 2 – thursday, dec. 1
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m 8:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.


preconference options

lead4ward 101
Join us to explore how to use the student-centered, teacher-friendly tools, resources, and strategies from lead4ward to make learning
meaningful and engaging!

being the leader your new teachers need!

Join us for an afternoon exploring what new teachers need from an effective leader and how to prioritize support, making this year on your campus the first of many successful years to come!

tuesday, nov. 29
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
registration has closed for this event. reach out to for any questions about this event.


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Depending on the Covid climate at the time of this event, lead4ward may require proof of vaccination or a negative test.