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Thinking knows no bounds, and the journey to reimagine education begins with a 360° perspective. This year’s theme, think!360, inspires educators to think about teaching and learning in a 360-degree approach. This immersive event is not just a conference, it’s a time for teams to come together to inspire, challenge, and reshape perspectives; to learn with and from each other; and to play with ideas.


Explore a kaleidoscope of topics, learn from fellow educators who have brought their campuses full circle, and get inspired to make degrees of change. Whether you’re a leader seeking fresh perspectives or a teacher eager to explore new ideas, think!360 provides opportunities for collaboration and innovation in sessions and around the firepit.


This year’s think! conference is for you if you are geeked about:

  • partnering with someone “outside your orbit”
  • exploring the art of making stuff up as we go
  • taking stock in a complete 360° view of our work as educators
  • coming full circle to the core of why we do this work – doing what’s best for kids


So, make your plans and join us at this year’s think! conference to learn, play, collaborate, inspire, and imagine. Kids deserve educators like you who are brave enough to be bold, take risks, and think!360!


previous topics

Take a look at session titles and topics from last year’s conference:

  • Chunk that Extended Constructed Response: One Skill at a Time
  • Making Con”next”ions: Spiraling Content to Reinforce Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Conquer the Big 3 for STAAR 2.0 with the Instructional Strategies Playlist
  • The Power of Peer Mentoring: Catalyzing Growth through Collaboration
  • Connecting to Excellence: Building Instructional Expertise in Elementary Special Educators
  • Connext to the New Science TEKS
  • Connecting Compliance and Commitment
  • Connext Four: Leadership, Instruction, Culture, and You
  • Train Your Brain: Fostering Independent Thinking
  • Texas 2-Step: Connecting the TIL Framework to lead4ward Student Learning Reports
  • see more->

conference schedule

day 1 – wednesday, dec. 4 day 2 – thursday, dec. 5
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m 8:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.


preconference options

lead4ward 101
Join us to explore how to use the student-centered, teacher-friendly tools, resources, and strategies from lead4ward to make learning
meaningful and engaging!

being the leader your new teachers need!

Join us for an afternoon exploring what new teachers need from an effective leader and how to prioritize support, making this year on your campus the first of many successful years to come!

tuesday, dec. 3
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


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