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It’s a great day for science education in Texas! With the new TEKS in effect this fall, science educators have an exciting opportunity to guide students through the application of science and engineering practices – skills they will need as they face a future of STEM jobs and essential scientific literacy.


lead4ward’s science ePLC includes the original 8 videos introducing teachers to the purpose, structure, and teaching implications of the new science TEKS:

  • Goals of the new TEKS, nature of science, and science literacy
  • Utilizing the lead4ward side-by-side resource to examine the changes in the standards and the impact on curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment and gap analysis
  • Framework for K-12 Science Education and how it is reflected in the new standards
  • Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) and the shifting focus on scientific literacy and critical thinking
  • Recurring themes and concepts (RTCs) and cross-curricular connections
  • Science content and the shifting focus on scientific literacy and critical thinking
  • Models, phenomena, and the interconnectedness of the SEPs, RTCs, and science content to support student learning


for 2024-25 includes 4 new videos plus bonus content from members of the lead4ward crew as we address:

  • Using the SEPs and engaging strategies to examine scientific phenomena
  • Helping students make required math-science connections
  • Making the new science content accessible to all learners
  • How district and campus leaders can best support teachers with new TEKS implementation




Jennie Ramsey


Jennie Ramsey is a Science consultant who focuses on connecting content with high-impact instructional experiences in the classroom. A lifelong fan of the sciences. Read more–>


K-12 science teachers and leaders

Campus-level membership includes:

  • pre-recorded learning videos on the focus areas
  • telephone and email support
  • support resources


  • $425 per campus
  • $4,250 district-level membership
    (note: districts with less than 10 campuses can register with per campus price based on specific district size)
  • Membership year: June 1-May 31