The Social Studies Foundations ePLC is a great way for leaders and instructional coaches to gain valuable insight into the updated social studies TEKS as well as the intricacies of the social studies classroom and its unique blend of content and process. For classroom teachers – especially NEW teachers, the learning videos provide tangible, easy-to-implement strategies and ideas for enriching the classroom environment and process-based instruction.


How can we build a solid foundation of social studies thinking?
Students need tools to analyze social studies information (content standards) and the ability to effectively communicate their understanding (process standards). The updated process standards are vertically aligned from Kindergarten-EOC, and STAAR 2.0 requires students to rely on a solid foundation of social studies thinking. We need to prepare students for that level of thinking now. The Social Studies Foundations ePLC addresses the fundamentals of social studies thinking and provides strategies for student engagement.


The Social Studies Foundations ePLC provides a virtual learning and a support system throughout the year with 12 pre-recorded learning videos, including 3 new ones for 2024-25:

  • Overview of updated process TEKS K-12
  • Making a claim and supporting with evidence
  • Foundational language skills to engage in civil discourse


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Jodi Denton, Social Studies Consultant


Social Studies enthusiast, Jodi Denton, M.Ed., serves as one of lead4ward’s content leaders. Utilizing the experiences of her 20+ years of service in education, Jodi empowers teachers, instructional support teams, and administrators to meet the increasingly complex requirements for student success. She recognizes the challenges and sense of urgency regarding Social Studies and uses her diverse knowledge, high energy, and fresh approach to support teachers and leaders in developing and implementing innovative instructional practices. Read more–>


Leaders, instructional coaches, & grades 4-EOC teachers


Getting Started

Setting Up the Social Studies Classroom

NEW Overview of Updated Process TEKS K-12

Embedding Vocabulary and Teaching Terms

Using and Evaluating Visual Sources

Making Sense of Primary Sources

Understanding Context and Point of View

NEW Foundational Language Skills to Engage in Civil Discourse

Sequencing, Categorizing, Identifying Cause-and-Effect Relationships

Drawing Inferences and Conclusions

NEW Making a Claim and Supporting with Evidence

STAAR 2.0 – Helping Students Show What They Know with Short Constructed Response



  • $675 per campus
  • $4500 district-level membership
    (note: districts with less than 10 campuses can register with per campus price based on specific district size)
  • Membership year June 1 – May 31