What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching involves focused conversation around topics of the leader’s choice, designed to increase the leader’s confidence in his or her competency to lead. Coaching session topics may include:

  • Assistance in implementing knowledge gained through lead4ward services
  • Anticipating challenges to leading change and action steps around conquering those challenges
  • Planning for facilitation of productive meetings
  • Campus, team, and personal goal setting

As well as:

  • Planning for upcoming difficult conversations with parents
  • Role playing conversations regarding evaluation of employees
  • Follow through on commitments and changing habits
  • Prioritizing and scheduling

Leadership Coaching Consultant

Diane Potter

Diane offers a wealth of knowledge and experience developed through her extensive educational career. As a leadership consultant and coach, Diane works with campus leaders to enhance their confidence through increased competence in their work. Read more–>

Why should a campus leader engage in leadership coaching?

Campus leaders know how important it is to keep improving leadership skills. Leadership coaching assists leaders in increasing and strengthening their effectiveness by focusing on improving competence and confidence as a leader in the district, rather than focusing on personal issues.

What can a campus leader expect from coaching sessions?

Each leadership coaching session begins with a focus on the best use of the time, followed by a structured conversation around that focus. Reflection at the end of the conversation allows for review of the productivity of the session, plans for the next session, and actions to take. All sessions are kept strictly confidential. Results of leadership coaching include a leader who is actually more competent in the areas addressed, which leads to increased confidence in his/her leadership abilities, which leads to the client becoming even more competent. The leadership coach functions as an expert listener, careful observer, and challenging questioner.

Pricing Details (Choose one of the following options)

coach4ward: kick-start your leadership – $2500*

  • 1 three-hour face-to-face coaching session
  • 6 phone or video conference coaching sessions (45 minutes – 1 hour each session) to be completed in the current school year (contract period)
  • Ongoing email support
  • Additional coaching options available upon request for an additional fee, including meeting facilitation, team building, and planning sessions

coach4ward: ongoing coaching support – $1000

  • 8 phone or video conference coaching sessions (45 minutes – 1 hour each session) to be completed in the current school year (contract period)

*additional fee may apply for travel


For questions, email coaching@lead4ward.com

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