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imagination playground

places to play. spaces to think.

time to dream.

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(Nov. 30 - Dec. 1)

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dare to dream with us – november 30th and december 1st

We’ll provide the creative space for you to engage with people, like yourself, who have a dream: that risk-taking is how we learn. Alongside other innovative educators, you will learn and share ideas, information, and totally crazy things that folks have not only dreamt about doing but are doing. Kids learn more when WE learn more!
This year’s think! conference is about soaking in nature, providing time for creative thinking, and sharing those crazy (but amazing) dreams. It’s about seeing instruction differently. It’s about pushing forward where you never thought you could. It’s about a quest for realizing your dreams are the path to change.
kids are dreamers
dreamers change the world

Kids embrace dreams! They dive headfirst into everything – thinking not of what is, but what could be. The ideas and worlds that kids create come so naturally – taking risks, innovating, and moving to action without reservation. Every now and then, we – as adults – need to recapture a little of that spirit and allow our dreams to inspire kids!

there’s a dreamer in all of us

When we believe in our dreams and have the courage to pursue them, incredible things emerge. We want you to trust in your dreams – new or old. Together, with other rock-star educators, we will spend a couple of days exploring our work and some of the best dreams around the state – dreams that engage kids and inspire them to learn. 


think! is a different type of conference. The sessions and spaces change every year to embrace our theme.
Play was the theme of last year’s conference. To help you get a feel for the types of sessions you’ll be a part of, we’ve included some of last year’s below.

Upcoming Conferences

think! conference 2017
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cedar creek
nov. 30 – dec. 1, 2017

The theme for this year’s think! conference is dream!