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Students represent a concept by creating an Instagram-ish type of visual organizer.


  • Insta-GRAPHIC handout
  • Insta-GRAPHIC template (English/Spanish)
  • Notebook paper (if handout is projected)


  1. Give each student an Insta-GRAPHIC handout (or project the template).
  2. Students prove they understand a concept by creating the following:
    • IMAGE – Prove you can represent the concept visually.
    • CAPTION – Prove you can summarize the concept with at least 2 sentences.
    • HASHTAG – Prove you can represent the big idea with a hashtag.
    • TAG – Prove you can connect the concept to another idea.
  3. Students “post” their Insta-GRAPHIC by standing and trading papers (without reading any of the papers) with at least 5 other students.
  4. On the final trade, students read their peer’s responses and select 1 way to comment on the post:
    heartWrite what you loved. heartAsk a question. heartShare another idea.
  5. Note where students need the most assistance and intervene as appropriate:
    • IMAGE – Which students need assistance understanding the basic skill/concept visually?
    • CAPTION – Which students know the concept visually but struggle to show they understand in writing?
    • HASHTAG – Which students know the concept but struggle to see the big idea?
    • TAG – Which students know the concept but struggle to connect it to other ideas?

Classroom Management

  • Model a think-aloud example using a well-known concept.
  • Allow students to work in pairs to complete an Insta-GRAPHIC collaboratively before asking them to complete one independently.
  • Role-play the movement part of the activity where students trade 5 times.


  • Promote access to content by allowing students to use their notes, journals, or memory aids during the activity.
  • Provide response support by allowing students to dictate written responses to a scribe or allow speech-to-text technology assistance.
  • Promote access by providing an idea/word bank to prompt responses.

Think It Up!

  • Have students think more deeply about the concept by responding to a Think It Up prompt as an exit ticket or journal entry:
    • Predict how this concept might be assessed on a test.
    • Evaluate this concept by stating why it is important to understand.
  • Encourage students to use lead4ward’s Thinking Stems (English/Spanish) to frame their responses, if needed.