what is the leading learning series?

The leading learning series provides structure, tools, and implementation support to campus leaders throughout the school year. Leading learning series members will have access to learning videos and resources to assist them in leading learning for planning instruction, intervention, and process standards.

For 2020-21, leading learning series members will have access to all three
learning video series plus bonus content!

How do we use lead4ward resources to plan instruction?
As leaders, maintaining instructional focus is essential to ensuring teacher and student success. The planning instruction webinars are designed to help the principal and campus leadership team (or lead PLC) plan instruction that is relevant, engaging, and rigorous. Each webinar is guided by a customized action plan, relevant resources, and is recorded for flexibility of use. The focus is on improving instruction by creating a planning process that has structure, yet allows teachers to address differences in their classrooms.


How do we support students who need intervention?
Campuses accommodate a wide range of student abilities in their classrooms. As students struggle with learning, teachers need structures and strategies to meet the unique learning needs of particular students. In the intervention webinars, campus leaders learn how to leverage local assessment data in the moment, at the end of instruction, and over time to plan intervention that supports all students. We will explore the intervention concept of “pulling the string” and how it can ensure that no one goes backwards.


How do we become champions of the process standards?
There are more student expectations in the curriculum than most of us can wrap our heads around; and, as a principal, it’s almost impossible to be an expert in all content areas. The process standards are consistent across grade levels, highly correlate with overall performance on assessments, and help teachers differentiate for learners. In the process champion webinars, we explore the importance of the process standards in learning, how to support teachers in effective planning using the process standards, and classroom observation tips for supporting process standards during instruction.


NEW this year, join us for live webinars focusing on student growth (accountability), instructional strategies, and support systems for students with dyslexia.

what is customized implementation support?

We know that each district may have campuses with different needs. Similarly, some principals or teacher leaders may need support beyond the webinars and live discussions to model and practice what they have learned.

customize your plan
5 days of implementation support customized to your unique needs


your solution for

  • moving from information to implementation
  • providing job-embedded learning opportunities for leaders and PLCs
  • developing leadership capacity and sustainability
  • meeting the individualized needs of campuses performing at different levels

Request PD
Sometimes, learning and implementing leadership initiatives require extra support. For those campuses and districts participating in the leading learning series, we have lead4ward crew who are prepared to partner with you to leverage tools and strategies that promote practical, day-to-day actions and results.

Justin Richardson

Bringing years of district leadership experience, Justin Richardson, M.Ed., is passionate about engaging, challenging, and supporting educators to create something new and amazing! He believes our purpose as educators is to bring out the greatness in others. Read more–>

2020-21 pricing/registration

$1,220 per campus (before May 31)
$1,520 per campus (after May 31)

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