How do principals stay focused on instructional leadership with the competing demands of daily campus activity?

Moving into the second year of STAAR 2.0, the 2023-24 school year is the perfect time for principals to renew their focus on instructional leadership. But we all know that can be easier said than done. Let the leading learning series guide your leadership action plan throughout the year. Develop your leadership team with resources and structures aimed at developing confidence in both teachers and students. We’ll look at improving Tier 1 instruction through data analysis, purposeful planning, and intentional instructional practices to increase student access to and comprehension of the content.

We’re excited to include new targeted support learning videos for new principals and teachers!

Targeted support for new principals

  • prioritizing time
  • school RtI systems
  • turnover, retention, and supporting new teachers
  • the principal’s role in professional learning communities

Targeted support for teachers

  • intervention supports for math
  • intervention supports for literacy
  • inclusion support and access for all


Topics include:

  • getting started – organizing time, resources, and people
  • finding focus when data look different
  • maximizing planning processes
  • teaching for learning by improving student access and comprehension
  • intentional intervention structures
  • mid-year accountability updates for principals
  • STAAR review structures and resources


leadership teams
(principals, new principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches
& teacher leaders)


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Sophia Acevedo

Sophia Acevedo is the 2021 Texas recipient of the U.S. Department of Education’s Terrell Bell award. As principal, Sophia led her school to several TEA distinctions, including being named a National Blue-Ribbon campus. Read more–>