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Would You Rather


Students are presented with 2 viable choices and must justify which they prefer.


Would You Rather prepared questions


  1. Organize students into partners.
  2. Present students with 2 choices by saying, “Would you rather 1.) _______ or 2.) _______?”
    For example: Would you rather …

    • be a cell in 1.) prophase or 2.) metaphase?
    • learn about the Civil War by 1.) watching a video clip or 2.) discussing a political cartoon?
    • begin reading by 1.) analyzing the text features or 2.) previewing the questions?
    • do the following task: 1.) create the equation to match a given graph or 2.) create a graph from a given equation?
  3. Students can respond in several fun ways:
    • Students create 2 small cards (#1 and #2) and slap down their response.
    • Students can “shoot” 1 finger or 2 fingers (like rock, paper, scissors).
  4. After responding, students justify their choice with their partner.
  5. Ask for responses and clarify/verify as appropriate.

Classroom Management

  • Role-play with non-academic choices first so students can learn the strategy (e.g., “Would you rather have a Snickers or a Butterfinger?”).


  • Promote access by allowing students time to discuss each option with a supportive peer/adult before making a final decision.

Think It Up!

  • Have students think more deeply about the concept by responding to a Think It Up prompt as an exit ticket or journal entry:
    • Justify why someone might select the other choice.
    • Analyze the cause/effect relationship of your choice.
  • Encourage students to use lead4ward’s Thinking Stems (English/Spanish) to frame their responses, if needed.