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The State Accountability System is designed to provide a broad and detailed analysis of campus and district performance. School leaders face the challenge of comprehending and making sense of the accountability system – and connecting it to effective instructional systems, practices and processes that support student learning.

The good news for 2016-17 is that 2016 Accountability will be fairly similar to 2015 Accountability.

accountabilityconnect2016 will help districts prepare for the new A-F ratings system – including TEA’s January 1, 2017 report showing the ratings each district/campus would have received in August 2016 if the A-F ratings system had been in place for 2015-16.

ac2016 can help you:

  • Understand
    • the 2016 Accountability System AND
    • the new A-F ratings system (as it gets developed)
  • Interpret your accountability reports
  • Fulfill your reporting and district/campus improvement plan requirements
  • Prepare and file appeals of ratings, if applicable
  • Connect any required accountability intervention processes with effective campus and district planning activities and systems
  • Use your data to guide effective decision-making relating to professional development and effective instruction

ac2016 participants will receive:

  • Timely Webinars
  • Telephone, email or GoToMeeting support
  • Presentation templates for public hearings/school board meetings
  • Data tools
  • Additional materials designed to synthesize and summarize accountability measures and requirements

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Scheduled Webinars (REVISED July 27, 2016)





Friday • 05/06/2016

2016 Accountability: Part 1


Friday • 05/20/2016

2016 Accountability: Part 2


Thursday • 06/09/2016

2016 Accountability for Principals


Thursday • 07/28/2016

2016-17 Planning Issues for New A-F Ratings System


Monday • 08/29/2016

Accountability 2016: Reading Our Reports


Friday • 09/16/2016

2016-17 School Year Update


Friday • 11/18/2016

2016-17 School Year Update


Tuesday • 12/06/2016
(2:00 pm to 3:30 pm)

2015-16 TAPR and the District’s Annual Report


Tuesday • 12/20/2016

Overview of New Accountability System (A-F Ratings) – Part I


Thursday • 01/05/2017

Overview of New Accountability System (A-F Ratings) – Part 2


Friday • 03/03/2017

Accountability 2017 Preview

  • All scheduled webinars are conducted live from 9:00 am to 10:30 am Central Time, except as indicated
  • All webinars are recorded and posted for viewing by member districts on the ac2016 website
  • Additional webinars may be scheduled on request of ac2016 member districts or upon release of information by TEA

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  • $2000 per district for 10 or fewer campuses; $3500 per district for more than 10 campuses
  • Membership is for the year beginning May 1, 2016 and ending April 30, 2017


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