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engaging students


This video series helps teachers and leaders experience activities from lead4ward’s instructional strategies playlist and learn how they can be infused into instruction with minimal prep and maximum results to promote student engagement!


Throughout the membership year, 32 (10-15 minute) videos will be released, featuring low-prep/high-yield playlist strategies with implementation ideas for math, science, language arts, social studies, and elective courses!


Whether teachers choose to watch several videos at once or watch one per week, we encourage them to select TWO DOs – two strategies each month they believe will enhance their instruction as they engage students in …

engaging students


Join us for tons of fun as we better understand the playlist to ENGAGE, EXCITE, and MOTIVATE students to academic success … one strategy at a time!

What you need to know!

  • K-12 teachers
  • core content and elective teachers
  • instructional leaders
  • engaging students with DOABLE activities
  • supporting engagement in all courses
  • understanding why engagement is critical
  • addressing classroom management issues
  • differentiating instruction
  • connecting engagement to technology
  • connecting engagement to district curriculum and HQIMs
  • 32 videos paced throughout the year (each video is 10-15 minutes long)
  • strategies that emphasize …
    • learning vocabulary
    • analyzing visuals
    • correcting mistakes
    • unpacking layered thinking
    • thinking, talking, writing
  • gameboards/templates for STAAR review
  • user-share feature
  • ongoing support from strategies playlist designer
  • as teams in PLCs
  • as individuals during planning time
  • as a leader’s coaching tool
  • as follow-up after attending a lead4ward professional learning session
  • 2024-25 schedule (coming soon)
  • membership year: June 1 – May 31


Price and Registration

Shelby Ellis


Shelby Ellis, M.Ed., is an experienced educational consultant focusing on engagement, high-yield instructional strategies, and leadership. As a champion for education, Shelby enthusiastically helps educators understand how to use lead4ward resources to put systems into place for instructional excellence in Tier I instruction, intervention, and review.
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