what is the leading learning series?

The leading learning series provides structure, tools, and implementation support to campus leaders throughout the school year. lead4ward is excited to offer two support solutions to campus leaders as they develop their expertise in leading learning.

This year, principals will register their campus for leading learning series without selecting the designation of planning instruction or evidence of learning. In May, principals will receive an email with instructions on how to make the best selection for your campus.

audience: principal and campus leadership team (or lead PLC)

As leaders, maintaining instructional focus is essential to ensuring teacher and student success. The planning instruction webinar series is designed to help the principal and campus leadership team (or lead PLC) plan instruction that is relevant, engaging, and rigorous. Each webinar is guided by a customized action plan, relevant resources, and recorded for flexibility of use.

what you will learn
The focus will be on improving instruction by creating a planning process that has structure, yet allows teachers to address differences in their classes.

  • use the lead4ward Planning Guide and the lead4ward app to: 
    • maximize planning time
    • create engaging learning experiences by selecting appropriate instructional resources
    • communicate concepts using a variety of visuals (stimuli)
    • choose academic vocabulary important for concept development
    • determine evidence of learning
  • use the lead4ward tools and resources in planning (Student Learning Reports, Field Guides, IQ Released Tests, TEKS Scaffolds, Academic Vocabulary)
  • enhance lessons and activities with Instructional Strategies Playlists


your solution for

  • developing a common planning process that has structure and autonomy
  • learning how to use the lead4ward tools and resources
  • pacing the work to allow time for learning and application

audience: principal and campus leadership team (or lead PLC)

Leading learning, prioritizing the work, maintaining instructional focus, and providing ongoing support for teachers are critical to ensuring that students meet or exceed performance and progress expectations. The evidence of learning webinar series is designed to help leadership teams move to action. The series provides leadership teams with a year-long structure to guide their work. Each webinar is guided by a customized action plan, relevant resources, and recorded for flexibility of use.

what you will learn
Teams will view recorded webinars, participate in live discussions, use eGuides to differentiate for content areas or specific data protocols, and focus on topics that will frame leadership expectations. Topics include:

  • launching the work
  • prioritizing learning
  • assessing in 3s
  • evaluating student work
  • understanding process and content
  • evaluating assessments
  • looping back
  • reviewing for STAAR


your solution for

  • developing PLC/teacher leaders
  • pacing improvement work
  • aligning initiatives on your campus
  • developing a common vocabulary
  • providing structure that allows for autonomy


what is customized implementation support?

Request PD
Sometimes, learning and implementing leadership initiatives require extra support. For those campuses and districts participating in the planning instruction or evidence of learning webinar series, we have lead4ward crew who are prepared to partner with you to leverage tools and strategies that promote practical, day-to-day actions and results.

We know that each district may have campuses with different needs. Similarly, some principals or teacher leaders may need support beyond the webinars and live discussions to model and practice what they have learned.

customize your plan
5 days of implementation support customized to your unique needs


your solution for

  • moving from information to implementation
  • providing job-embedded learning opportunities for leaders and PLCs
  • developing leadership capacity and sustainability
  • meeting the individualized needs of campuses performing at different levels


registration for 2018-19

  • early bird pricing – $1,218 per campus on or before May 31, 2018
  • $1,518 per campus after May 31 and on or before August 1, 2018

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