what is staar4ward?

Leading learning, prioritizing the work, maintaining instructional focus, and providing ongoing support for teachers are critical to ensuring that students meet or exceed performance and progress expectations.

The staar4ward leading learning series is designed to help leadership teams move to action.

Based on content from our face-to-face sessions, the leading learning series provides leadership teams with a year-long structure to guide their work. Teams will participate in regular live webinars (recorded for later use with eGuides for data analysis components), each focused around a particular topic that will frame leadership expectations.


  • $1,516 per campus

Registration closed on Aug. 1 – for questions, contact Lee Rutledge at lee@lead4ward.com

webinars include: topics include:  
  • a CARE plan/agenda builder to help the leadership team:
    • Communicate (focus and big questions)
    • Analyze and act on (data and direction)
    • Review (content and commitments)
    • Engage (instructional strategies)


  • Getting Ready
  • Focusing Leadership
  • Planning Instruction
  • Building Confidence
  • Evaluating Assessments
  • Looping Back
  • Engaging Review
  • Getting Ready


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