What is the Social Studies eplc?

The Social Studies Professional Learning Community is designed to offer time for Social Studies teachers, who teach 8th Grade Social Studies or US History across the State, to collaborate, to learn what’s new, and to discuss issues related to content, curriculum alignment, standards, and testing.

Overview of the Social Studies eplc

Teachers often struggle to translate the unit bundle of TEKS into lesson themes and then to daily lesson plans. The goal of these webinars is to facilitate constructive conversations about how to make the content in the TEKS comprehensible for students and provide methods for students to develop pathways for recall. The eplc will include:

  • Recorded webinars will facilitate a PLC session for each major topic or era
  • Each topic will consist of two 15-30 minute recorded webinars: Content and Process and STAAR and Evidence of Learning
  • Creative method of sharing resources and ideas with other SS teachers throughout the state
  • Resources at your fingertips

With each webinar you will MAPP:

  • Map the TEKS
  • Analyze data/released tests
  • Purposefully use the processes
  • Plan instruction


Social Studies Consultant

Jodi Denton

Social Studies enthusiast Jodi Denton, M.Ed., serves as one of lead4ward’s content specialists. Jodi works with teachers and instructional support teams to meet the increasingly complex requirements for student success. She recognizes the challenges and sense of urgency regarding Social Studies and uses her diverse knowledge, high energy, and fresh approach to support teachers in developing and implementing innovative instructional and assessment practices. Read more–>

For content questions, email jodi@lead4ward.com
For technical questions, email info@lead4ward.com

Topics for 8th Grade

  • Facilitator Implementation Guide
  • Introduction for Teachers
  • Exploration and Colonization
  • American Revolution
  • Constitution
  • Early Republic
  • Age of Jackson
  • Westward Expansion
  • Industrialization
  • Reform and Culture
  • Sectionalism and Civil War
  • Reconstruction


Topics for U.S. History

  • Facilitator Implementation Guide
  • Introduction for Teachers
  • West and Gilded Age
  • Progressive Era
  • Emerging as a World Power
  • The Roaring Twenties
  • Great Depression and New Deal
  • World War II
  • Early Cold War – Vietnam
  • Civil Rights Movements
  • Contemporary America


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Pricing Details for 2016-17 (webinars begin in August)

Registration is by campus

  • $600 per campus for 1-2 teachers
  • $850 per campus for 3-5 teachers
  • $1050 per campus for 6-8 teachers
  • $1250 per campus for 9-11 teachers
  • $5000 District Level Membership

(8th Grade and USH are separate registrations)

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