Are you planning and budgeting for the 2024-25 school year? We’re excited about the changes ahead and we’re preparing for them now.
We’ve listened to what you’ve told us and we’re ready to unveil new (and improved) workshops and year-long services that will take you,
your students, and your campus to the next level!


audience: content-specific campus and district leadership teams (leaders and teacher leaders)


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As we reflect on this year and begin to think about what comes next, lead4ward is here to help you provide a solid start, support focus areas for each content area, and develop and empower campus leadership teams. We’ll share how to leverage resources and professional development to gain insight into each content area. Each webinar will offer up to 50 minutes of key content to help you plan for the summer and 2024-25 school year committed to strong student learning and success!


audience: campus and district leaders making planning and budget decisions


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As we head into planning and budgeting season for the next school year, lead4ward is committed to helping you kick-start your process. We’ll explore the best ways to grow learners while balancing the complexity of the educational landscape, including supporting those new to the profession and navigating state requirements. Some of you have plans in place, others of you are building structures, and some of you are just getting going. This free webinar is for each of you!


We’re here to support you! Please email [email protected] or call us at 512.201.2999 ext. 5 if we can help in any way!