Stephanie Camarillo-Zelenak, Ed.D., is an experienced educational consultant who works with districts, campuses, and regional education service centers in the areas of designing and implementing teaching and learning systems, curriculum development, access to the general curriculum, differentiated instruction, and assessment. Dr. Zelenak served as the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative’s (TESCCC) vice-chair and the regional Curriculum Program Director for the Education Service Center Region 19 where she implemented innovative professional development and supported both large and small school districts in the adoption, development, training, and implementation of statewide curriculum processes.

During her 17 years in education, she served as a regional consultant and director, leadership team member of the TESCCC, district instructional coordinator and campus administrator, and special education and general education classroom teacher. She also served as an advisor, professional development writer, and trainer in various statewide Alternative Teacher Certification programs and was a graduate faculty member at the University of Phoenix. Dr. Zelenak is widely recognized for her passionate, high energy, and engaging presentation style as well as her dedication to the implementation and training of quality, aligned curriculum; meaningful assessment; and authentic, relevant, rigorous, and responsive instruction.